Article 23 of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement: What You Need to Know

If you are interested in learning about the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA), you may have come across Article 23, which is an important section of the agreement. This article addresses the participation of Inuit in the workforce and the economic development of Nunavut. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Article 23 entails and its significance.

What is Article 23?

Article 23 of the NLCA is titled “Inuit Employment within Nunavut.” It recognizes the importance of Inuit employment in the development of Nunavut and aims to provide opportunities for Inuit to participate in the workforce and benefit from economic development. The article covers various aspects related to Inuit employment, such as training and education, employment targets, and monitoring and reporting.

Training and Education

Article 23 requires employers to provide training and education opportunities to Inuit to help them acquire the necessary skills for employment. The NLCA establishes the Nunavut Implementation Training Committee (NITC), which serves as a forum for discussing and coordinating training and education initiatives.

Employment Targets

Article 23 sets targets for Inuit employment in various sectors, including government, private, and non-profit organizations. The targets are based on the proportion of Inuit in the population of Nunavut and aim to increase the representation of Inuit in the workforce. Employers are required to submit annual reports on their progress towards meeting the targets.

Monitoring and Reporting

Article 23 requires the Nunavut Planning Commission to monitor and report on the implementation of the employment targets and other provisions of the article. The commission is responsible for conducting studies, collecting data, and making recommendations to improve the effectiveness of Article 23 and the NLCA as a whole.

Significance of Article 23

Article 23 is significant because it recognizes the importance of Inuit participation in the workforce and economic development of Nunavut. The article aims to promote the training and education of Inuit and increase their representation in the workforce. This not only provides economic benefits but also helps to preserve and strengthen Inuit culture and way of life.


Article 23 of the NLCA is an important section of the agreement that addresses Inuit employment within Nunavut. The article recognizes the importance of Inuit participation in the workforce and economic development and establishes targets and mechanisms for monitoring and reporting. By promoting Inuit training and education and increasing their representation in the workforce, Article 23 contributes to the economic, social, and cultural well-being of Nunavut and its people.