As a copy editor, one of the most common issues I encounter in writing is incorrect subject-verb agreement. This is especially important in SEO, where proper grammar and language use are crucial to both readability and search engine rankings.

One specific area of concern when it comes to subject-verb agreement is the use of the word “has.” “Has” is a singular verb, used only when referring to a singular subject. For example, “He has a dog” is correct because “he” is a singular subject.

However, when the subject is plural, the correct verb to use is “have.” For instance, “They have dogs” is correct because “they” is a plural subject.

It`s important to note that some words may have a singular form but refer to a plural group of people or objects. In these cases, “have” would be the correct verb form. For example, “The band members have different musical styles” is correct because “band members” is a plural subject, even though “band” is singular.

Another common mistake is using “has” when referring to multiple subjects connected by “and.” The correct verb form in this case is also “have.” For example, “John and Jane have two children” is correct because “John and Jane” are two separate subjects.

In summary, it`s crucial to pay attention to subject-verb agreement when using “has” in your writing. Remember to use “has” with a singular subject and “have” with a plural subject or multiple subjects connected with “and.” By following proper grammar rules, your writing will be more polished and cohesive, leading to better SEO rankings and overall readability.