As of August 2021, the popular food delivery service Waitr has announced a new agreement that will impact both its customers and participating restaurants. The company has stated that this new agreement aims to provide a more inclusive and fair environment for all parties involved.

Under this new agreement, Waitr will implement a flat delivery fee of $3.99 for all orders regardless of the order size or location. This means that customers will no longer have to worry about varying delivery fees based on their location or total bill amount. Additionally, Waitr has promised to be more transparent about how delivery fees are calculated to ensure that customers are fully informed about the costs associated with their order.

Furthermore, the new agreement includes changes to Waitr`s commission rates for participating restaurants. In the past, these rates could vary depending on the type of restaurant and their agreement with Waitr. However, under the new agreement, all restaurants will have a flat commission rate of 25%. This means that all restaurants will receive the same commission rate regardless of their size or popularity within the Waitr platform.

For small, independent restaurants, this change is especially significant as they often struggle with high commission rates and additional fees associated with using third-party delivery services. By implementing a flat 25% commission rate, Waitr hopes to create a more equitable partnership with participating restaurants and promote long-term relationships between the company and its partners.

Finally, Waitr has also stated that they will be more transparent about customer data privacy. Specifically, they will require customer consent before sharing any personal information or order history with participating restaurants. This change is in response to growing concerns about data privacy and the use of personal information by third-party delivery services.

Overall, the new agreement between Waitr and its participating restaurants is a positive step towards creating a more fair and inclusive environment for all parties involved. With a flat delivery fee and commission rate, customers and restaurants alike can more easily navigate the costs associated with using the Waitr platform. Additionally, increased transparency around data privacy will help to build trust and promote long-term partnerships between Waitr and its partners.